Bike Riding Adventure Plan

Forty years ago, bike riding was my main source of transportation.  At 15, I’d been riding a bike for at least 10-12 years. (I’m counting the training-wheel period.)  I recently acquired a gently used WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat from my sister Donna.  I’d never heard of a front-mounted bicycle seat for a toddler, but quickly decided that bicycling is an activity Grammy (me) can do with my one and only grandchild (so far)… Gabriel.  

Safety first, so I’ve purchased NEW bike helmets for each of us.  Did you know that bike helmets should be replaced every two years?  Living in central Florida, the heat and UV rays deteriorate the various components making old helmets unsafe.

My first ride with Gabriel will be a short one until I re-establish specific muscles in my legs and gauge his reaction to wind and speed in his little face.  We’ll roll out of the driveway Friday in the early evening. It should be cooler and more comfortable for the both of us.  His mama and daddy will take photos and cheer us on our way, I’m sure. I’m so excited to begin sharing special moments with him–a bike riding adventure!  Image

For the record, I am not usurping any parental “firsts.” The parents were queried about their son joining me on the bike in the WeeRide Kangaroo bike seat.  Neither of his parents ride (or own) bicycles. As long as Gabriel’s wearing a safety helmet and safety harness properly adjusted for his little body, they know Grammy will take every precaution to keep him safe! 

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