Childhood Memories

Girl at vanity

Girl in bath

My older sister recently saw these two lithographs offered for sale on Craigslist while searching for used furniture. She sent me photos of them with great excitement. When we were young girls, we had these same two lithographs framed in our bedroom! We used to study the pictures and admire the bubbles, the puppy, the kitten, the vanity, … just everything was so special! We probably invented stories about each scene, too.

It’s nice to see the pictures again. Does anyone know if there were more in the series? Our mother seems to think there were four in the set, but I can’t remember. I do recall that they created joy and happiness for two little girls a long, long, time ago!

1 thought on “Childhood Memories

  1. Yes, there were 4 in the set. In addition to these two, I remember one print was of a ballerina. These prints may have come with a set of toiletries for a young girl, like Bonne Bell that I got for Christmas. I’ll keep my eyes open for them… Nice blog, love you! Big sis’, Monte

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