Sleep is good.

Sweet sleep!

Sweet sleep!

Going to bed is not one of my strong suits. However, I do love to sleep once I get to it. I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember. A vivid memory is of one of my uncles sitting on the floor beside my crib with his arm reaching through the slats patting my back for A VERY LONG TIME. (In the late 1950’s, it was possible to do this because the slats were far apart. My mother tells the story that she found me hanging out of my crib one morning, literally. My head was stuck between the slats while my little body dangled out of the crib. Gives me the creeps, and makes me wonder if this was the beginning of my problem with going to bed.) Nevertheless, I don’t expect things to change anytime soon. Too bad. Sleeping is one of the good things in life I wish I could do more often!

My grandson will be spending his first night sleeping in his crib tonight. For nearly nine months he’s been sleeping in a reclining position in a very nice swing–but he’s outgrowing it fast. He was born with GERD–acid reflux–but his little stomach sphincter is fully developed by now and so he’s finally going to sleep in one of those new-fangled cribs with the slats one-inch apart. No way for anyone to pat his back during the night while sitting on the floor.

If I can get to bed and fall asleep quickly, I can manage to get 4-5 hours sleep tonight. Sweet dreams!

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