Fruit Flies

I’m loving my transition from PC to Mac. What I’m not enjoying so much are the fruit flies. All afternoon I’ve been bombarded from every direction by pesky little dive-bombers… in my living room while sitting at my computer. (The only nearby food is a closed bag of milk chocolate m&m’s, so go figure!) My husband actually came and sat near me to watch the show earlier, but of course the flies were hiding (or synchronizing their flight plans). He left after a few minutes when NO FLIES were seen. He clearly didn’t believe I was being attacked by fruit flies.

He’s gone and I’m back to swatting the air around my head like a mad-woman, with my lips FIRMLY sealed. Last night’s babysitting adventure with Gabriel included swallowing a bug (a little moth committed suicide by flying right down my throat while I was announcing our return from the playground). That was the 2nd most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. The only thing worse than swallowing that bug last night would’ve been to make myself vomit–I considered this for about 2 minutes. I’d enjoyed a pretty decent dinner that I didn’t have to prepare or cook, so keeping it in my stomach was a big plus.

Where was I? Oh yeah, fruit flies. So my husband is in his home office and he hears me clapping my hands every few minutes (I’m trying to kill the dang bugs flying in front of my face) and he quips that the fruit flies must be attracted to my new computer… wait for it… after all, it’s an APPLE. OMG. IMG_5956

I’m ready to use a can of RAID as an air freshener in my living room. Augh!

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