Happy Birthday Party



Today was mom’s 79th birthday. She doesn’t look 79, but it’s true. I hosted her family birthday dinner, and she was surprised even though she knew it was planned. Isn’t that nice? One of my brothers and his wife were able to come when previously they said they couldn’t, and that made a big difference. That joy almost made up for the disappointment of saying “hello” and “goodbye” in the same sentence as my daughter, her hubby, and their 11-month-old son left to get home to put the baby to bed as mom arrived for dinner. My family’s never been big on timing!

We’re slackers with the RSVP concept, too. To cover my bases, I set three tables–enough to seat 14. I was ready for anything and anyone. But why bother? I inevitably end up dragging chairs and place settings into the dining room so no one has to sit in the kitchen.

PEOPLE and relationships are what’s important… not how many chairs will fit around the table or whether or not everyone has a napkin after the chair transfers. I don’t have a problem SHARING A NAPKIN, but some folks get wiggy. Germs? We’re FAMILY! It’s not like I USE the napkin. It just sits on my lap until it falls to the floor, because I NEVER remember I’ve got a napkin on my lap.

So happy birthday, mom. Enjoy your loot to the best of your ability and get a good night’s rest!

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