7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

How many irons can one person have in the fire at one time and still get the dishes done? The number of irons I’m hanging onto seems to be growing exponentially (and so is the pile in my kitchen sink). I’m starting to get worried that I won’t have time or energy to give each project justice. I love my projects and look forward to the sense of accomplishment I’ll feel with each one completed. To add insult to injury, I’ve got to deal with a stupid infestation of those teeny-tiny microscopic-sized ants. Where the heck did they come from and where in the blazes are they going? SMACK! is the sound of me slapping my arm as I realize a few have found their way to my computer desk. Okay. Clean the kitchen before working on projects. Got it. (Is there a saint for protection from ants indoors?)

— 2 —

I was approached at the gas station yesterday by a man claiming* that he forgot his wallet at home and asking for a few dollars to help him get some gas for his car. Anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER have cash. It was an automatic response for me to tell him “Sorry, I don’t have any money.” He moved off to another motorist asking for money, and it did cross my mind that I could offer to pay for his gas on a credit card, but then all these voices started a conversation in my head…

*Me: Is he scamming me? Is he “claiming” to have forgotten his wallet, or “telling” me he forgot his wallet. If this was my husband, wouldn’t I want someone to… Oh this would never happen to my husband.

Husband: You did what! We’re barely able to pay our bills and he’s probably scamming everyone!

Jesus: Whatever you do to the least of your brothers, you do unto Me.

Mother: Seriously? You didn’t even have $1 in your purse?

Me: Would he be insulted if I gave him all my change? (Checked my secret change container… 26 cents) … With gas at $3.44/gallon, he couldn’t get 5 drops for 26 cents. Pretty sure he’d bust a gut laughing at me.

So, in the event that this poor man actually DID forget his wallet and was counting on the kindness of strangers, if you’re reading this post, I apologize for letting you down. I did say a prayer for your needs.

— 3 —

When I come home, Jazzy, my cat, expresses her joy at seeing me by scratching on her scratching post. She’s so adorable doing it, and because I’d rather she use the scratching post than my great-great-grandmother’s sofa, I praise her and rub her until she walks away in embarrassment. I recently learned to place the scratching post near the front door (wish I’d known this little tidbit 4 cat cycles ago). Jazzy did not greet me when I walked in the door tonight at midnight. The cat goes to bed earlier than I do (and she sleeps all day)!

— 4 —

Maintaining relationships by texting and emails is exhausting. Why can’t younger people pick up a telephone and TALK? The only form of communication that comes to mind that is more time consuming than texting is smoke signals. Don’t tell my daughter… she may get ideas.

— 5 —

I have a great video library that provides me hours and hours of fun and enjoyment when I need to escape the pressures I create for myself. But half my library is on VHS tape and I no longer own a VHS player. There should be an exchange program for DVD or Blu-ray upgrades. Just sayin’ that would be a wonderful service the movie distributors could provide! Not every title is available to watch instantly on Netflix. Of course I haven’t checked every title. Who has time?

— 6 —

A little voice keeps suggesting that I pray a Scriptural Rosary (I even have the book “The New Rosary in Scripture” by Edward Sri.) Part of my brain says an automatic “yes,” but then the bigger part of my brain says “I’ll do it later.” Moments like this make me feel like a very bad Catholic. I need to give myself permission to just pray one decade a day and let it grow from there.

— 7 —

My mother reminded me that my birthday is coming up soon, and what would I like? This is momentous for several reasons. The most important reason being that she has so many birthdays to remember, she rarely remembers any of them before the actual birth date. One year, she didn’t remember my September birthday until December. I received several “guilt gifts” that Christmas! After a few moments of soul-searching and inner debate, I decided she could gift me with a new nightgown, just a plain soft cotton gown that will be comfortable to sleep in. Hey, when you’re 57 years old, sleeping comfortably is a BIG deal.

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