Bike Safety Pays Off

G-man sports the Giro infant bicycle safety helmet

G-man sports the Giro infant bicycle safety helmet

A bicycle helmet is one of the best things in life you should focus on for anyone in your family who rides on a bike. Even if it’s just a bike ride down the street.

A fluke accident happened in the blink of an eye this afternoon while on a bike ride with our 11-month old grandson, (who still looks like his photo from last month)….

Long story short: Babysitting, 3-mile bike ride with infant, narrow sidewalk, tree, riderless bike, bike & infant fall, broken helmet, broken bikes, hot day, prayers to Jesus and Mary, 9-1-1, call G-man’s parents, Life Flight helicopter, pediatric trauma center 50 miles away, Divine Mercy Chaplet, x-rays, CT-scan, pediatric cervical collar around the neck, pediatric blood pressure cuff on the left arm, IV and IV board on the right arm, and oh by the way, no water or formula for three hours in the pediatric ER. Another 3 hours ’til the attending physician released infant with ‘all clear’ after observation. The only thing that kept this child calm was two full-length viewings of Pixar’s “CARS” movie on an iPad. Grandparents sustained minor injuries; parents lost 5 years off their original lifespan. Baby sleeping comfortably. Rosary.

One-Year Birthday plans may proceed, thank God, and all the angels and saints, too. If he hadn’t been wearing a helmet, I don’t even want to think about the head injury that could have resulted. Thank God the bike and baby fell in sand. Not the sidewalk, not the road (which was within 3 feet).

So, make sure you and your child wear a bike safety helmet when on your bikes.

Here’s how we established bike helmet safety: When we first got the bike helmet, G-man fought to get the strange contraption off his head. He wriggled. He cried. He pulled. We did not give in to his complaints. We led by example. Grandfather would put his bike helmet on saying “Hats on!” with a smile. Grammy would put her bike helmet on saying “Hats on!” with a smile. And finally we would both put his helmet on saying “Hats on!” with a smile. When we got to our destination, his would come off first with a big “Hats off!” and a smile. Right on down the line. He learned to accept the bike helmet as a matter of course after that!

In the event his parents allow him to get on a bike again (after repairs), we’ll need to invest in a new helmet. Not sure when this will be. This accident happened so fast, I can’t even remember seeing it happen, and it happened right in front of me! One second they were THERE, the next second they were DOWN. I didn’t even have time to apply my brakes. I hit the brick wall and dropped my feet from the pedals. The sprocket from the chain dug into the back of my ankle, but I don’t feel anything wrong yet.

Don’t worry about “bike helmet hair.” If it bothers you that much, find a different sport that doesn’t require head safety.

3 thoughts on “Bike Safety Pays Off

  1. Things drop in my lap and pop into my head. You could write a great blog about anything, sis. I’d be your first “follower.” Always have been, from the start!

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