Learning to talk, speak, communicate

Not too many of us recall making our first sounds, or words. “Da-da” used to be a baby’s first word; it was for both of my children.

I am so delighted to hear my 1-year-old grandson making sounds, and now he is actually saying his first word, and it’s “Mmmaa-mmmaa” in such a sweet voice my heart wants to melt into a puddle of goo.

Sunday is our day with G-man. This past Sunday I tirelessly campaigned for the letter “B” with “ba-ba-ba” sounds and “B” words like BLUE, BABY, BUBBLES, BARBER and BUMBLEBEE. (Have you read Dr. Seuss’ ABC book? Yeah, I know, “blue” isn’t a “B” word in that book.) G-man was eating BLUEBERRY baby yogurt. Everytime he took a bite, I said “Blooo” and he promptly giggled and laughed.

So it was with pride, mirth and joy that I watched the video his mama sent me Monday morning as he spoke his next sound … which is the letter “H” … and the sound is “HA! HA! HA!” This boy owns my heart–lock, stock and barrel!

“B” will come in his own good time! And if you’re wondering what he turns to look at near the end of the video, the Pixar movie “Cars” is obviously playing on the TV in the background–I recognized it instantly from a recent visit to the Arnold Palmer Children’s Trauma Center Emergency Department. His mama wisely knew it was time to stop the speech lesson.

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