The simple force of gravity on a small object produced my grandson’s sweet laugh and giggles of merriment and joy last Sunday morning. It took his parents and grandparents a while to order their breakfasts, and so the babe became a wee bit restless since his own breakfast of baby oatmeal had been gobbled up quickly. I had the pleasure of holding the one-year-old and entertaining him while we waited for our food. My daughter and husband know I have a knack for producing entertainment from thin air, but even I was impressed with the show. I tied two knots with my plastic straw and released it from my fingertips from a 12-18 inches above our breakfast table. Not surprisingly, it plopped to the table as a light object is wont to do. This pleased the babe so much I repeated the lift and drop for about 5-10 minutes. When it was clear this entertainment could go on for a while, my daughter used her iPad to capture a bit of it on video. Who doesn’t like to hear a baby laugh? It is truly one of the good things in life! Enjoy!

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