I’m alone, but not lonely. I’m silent, but it’s not quiet.

It’s Friday night and I’m home because I don’t want to go out alone. Where would I go in this small town? The movies? Alone. Don’t feel like it.

I like being by myself, choosing my activities (or no activities) as I please. I’ve got hundreds of books on my shelves, and several more hundreds of books on my Kindle. There are thousands of songs on my iPod, and thousands of movies on Netflix from which to choose. Or not choose, tonight.

The TV remains off. The iPod’s in my purse, the Kindle Fire on a table. The muffled whir of the iMac’s cooling fan and the glow of the screen reveal my presence in the corner of the living room where I command a view of the huge living area in my home. No one gets by without me noticing. Not the husband, not the cats.

The world is literally at my fingertips! It’s a ‘disconnect’ night, but I pray everyone who chooses to live-it-up on this Friday evening returns home safe and sound by Saturday morning. I think about peace. Peace must be found inside your head before it can ring ’round the world. It must be very difficult for some people to envision peace and love when it’s not part of their world.

Perhaps I’ll take time to catch up on paperwork, or put the finishing touch on some party plans for next weekend. But for now, the solitude is sweet and satisfying as the last sips of Coca-Cola from my 20-ounce bottle. There was a song by Coca-Cola about peace now that I think about it. Can’t quite wrap my head around it now, but that’s okay. The faded memory is trying to break thru, but then the obnoxious song “It’s a Small World” at Disney is trying to elbow its way past the Coca-Cola ditty. Better quit now before I ruin my peace and solitude. Have a good evening!



2 thoughts on “Solitude

    • I don’t know whether to thank you or groan… that song is now embedded in my brain for the evening, and anyone else who was alive in the early ’70’s! LOL.

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