Speak of the devil…

Hubby and I spent a few minutes talking at the kitchen table tonight and I mentioned that I’m trying to establish a bedtime for myself.  The proverbial eyebrow raised as if to say, “Again?”  Then he said, “You want me to turn off the power in the living room?”

My jaw dropped.  I asked him if he’s been reading my blog.  To which he gives me the blank look which means “You’re writing a blog?”  Which is indicative of his memory, poor guy. I asked him again…  “Did you read my blog?” and he answered truthfully, “No, why?”

This was the exact solution I mentioned in last night’s blog, and now I’m wondering if he fibbed and really did read my blog. And should I be prepared for the power to switch off in the living room at midnight tonight?

I hope I’m in bed. Tomorrow’s a busy day for me.

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