No flat surface left uncovered in this house…

Through the years, my husband would often complain that if there was a flat surface in our house, I would find something to put on it.  Well, I’ve tried to keep that quirk to a minimum (truly, I’ve tried) but 2013 has been a year of failure on this front.

I know where everything is (for the most part) but that actually doesn’t help. The only flat surface not currently obscured with clutter or “stuff” is the dining room table, and that’s only because I’m planning to wash the tablecloth.  In order to avoid IRONING the 102″ long tablecloth, I’ll need to wash, dry and immediately replace it on the table. So no clutter is allowed on it until that’s accomplished.  If I delay much longer, we’ll be celebrating the holidays and the dining room will be decorated!

Which brings me to the “question of the day” posted for November 5… What is the condition of the writing space where I blog… or something to that effect.  Gee. I have to go with cluttered and stacked. My wrists rest on my iPad mini (waiting to charge through iTunes), a pad of paper, a few Rolodex cards, 2 postcards (they need stamps affixed before I can mail them), a gasoline receipt, and a few loose notes (from the aforementioned pad of paper). This is only the stuff UNDER my wrists.

To my right is the telephone/answering machine–which I sometimes answer because I start thinking it might be someone other than a salesman, politician or a police/fire foundation who wants money because I was so generous five years ago (I gave them $10. If I’d know what a PITA this would become, I would NOT have donated $10).  I am always disappointed when I answer the house phone, but I grew up answering the phone. “It might be important!” Also to the right is an empty water bottle (and now I’m thirsty), a pen, TWO pairs of earrings, more receipts, a stack of blank index cards, the mouse and mousepad, and the Rolodex.

The Florida Catholic newspaper

The Florida Catholic newspaper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my left is a miracle of balance and symmetry. In no particular order is a small cutting board and a paring knife (I think I had a wine and cheese party one night while reading email), a discarded bra (it was tight and I wanted to get comfortable), a suede photo album with nearly 100 4×6 prints of my grandson celebrating his ONE-YEAR-OLDness….

Peeking around the edges of this stack, I can see my Certificate of Insurance forms for 2013 and another for 2014. Perhaps an issue or two of the Florida Catholic newspaper, some accounting forms, attendance pages from my Jazzercise class (oh, that’s where the August pages are!) and stuff I can’t identify because I’d have to adjust the delicate balance of the stuff on top.  I do know that there’s nothing time-sensitive in that pile.  It’s on the LEFT side of the desk.  I’m RIGHT-HANDED.  Simple logic.

I know a picture is worth a thousand words. That may be so, but my iPhoto app on my iMac computer is still INOPERABLE.  If it were paper, it would be located on the RIGHT-HAND side of my desk, which is where things get taken care of sooner (rather than later).  

English: Apple iMac aluminium

English: Apple iMac aluminium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now that this description is posted, I will endeavor to CLEAN MY DESK at the first opportunity. Then I’ll find some way to take and post a picture. I suppose I can E-MAIL it to myself since neither my iPhone nor my iPad mini are able to upload photos to my iMac.

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