I fell down and haven’t gotten up… maybe I need a new bike helmet?

I can’t put it behind me. Sunday, September 8, 2013, was Grandparents Day. It was a typical Sunday watching our nearly 1-year-old grandson for the day. We had a fluke accident during a bike ride, (Grandfather hit a tree and the bike continued forward with the baby in a front baby seat on the bike) and long story short, the little guy was air-lifted by helicopter to a pediatric trauma center 50 miles away.

Life Flight - Helicopter Ride

Life Flight – Helicopter Ride

He was fine, but because his bike helmet had cracked in the fall and he was showing signs of lethargy, we called 9-1-1. Procedure and common sense required a CT Scan, X-ray, and observation. His mama and daddy met him at the hospital and we all sat in the ER with him for 4-6 hours’ before he was discharged. He was fine. No injuries. He was more traumatized by the neck brace, papoose board, IV in his right arm, blood pressure cuff on his left arm, and the piece’-de-resistance, the pediatric neck brace he had to endure for at least three hours in the ER. He’s fine.

Giro Infant Safety Helmet saves the day!

Giro Infant Safety Helmet saves the day!

All glory and thanks to God for keeping our grandson safe and injury-free that day! Two months later, Super Baby is still fine and my husband’s injuries are nearly healed. The accident continues to affect me. For starters, that was the last day I rode my bike.  I’m “overprotective,” I don’t encourage the little guy to take risks or push any physical skill-building activities. Crawling is just fine.

bike adventureSometimes I close my eyes and the accident replays in my head with all the fear and terror of that afternoon. I tell myself I need to “get back on the horse” — so to speak.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to ride a bike with my grandson ever again, and that makes me sad.  My husband shows no interest in fixing the bikes. He retrieved a piece of the tree trunk after the city cut it down–vindication, revenge?  No one else will hit that tree ever again and suffer the “what-if” of a possible head injury. Sounds good to me! But I don’t like being afraid to ride my bike. We’re having good bike-riding weather, so I think about it often. And now I’ve seen this remarkable new INVISIBLE BIKE HELMET — only $535. Too cool!  Does it come in infant/toddler sizes?

2 thoughts on “I fell down and haven’t gotten up… maybe I need a new bike helmet?

    • Thanks for your advice. I hadn’t looked at it as a growth opportunity because I’ve been dwelling on the fear and failure. Now where did I leave my “big girl pants?” 🙂

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