Lesson learned: It’s a bad idea to write and post a blog when you’re too tired to form coherent thoughts.

The  pressure of posting a blog every day during November is affecting my judgement.   I’m busy during the day, so I spend evenings at the keyboard. Last night I was exhausted, but becauseI I had a simple idea to share, I thought I could post it before heading to bed. Within a few paragraphs, it was no longer a simple idea. It was a runaway train.  Good heavens.

imagesI wish I’d gone to bed and let the idea simmer a few more days. Ever feel the same way?  After re-reading the post, I want to edit or delete it. It’s off the rails big time. Is deleting a post allowed during NaBloPoMo? A few facts should have been double-checked before sandblasting them into the granite wall of the Internet, but instead, I clicked “Publish” so I could go to bed. Late. As usual.

Previous posts have barely been noticed; certainly never shared. But this post… was shared. I can’t even get excited about that. Where’s a good hole to swallow me up when I need one?  Maybe the shame of writing crappy posts will force me to get to bed early for the remainder of November. I’m going to bed NOW before I make things worse.

3 thoughts on “Lesson learned: It’s a bad idea to write and post a blog when you’re too tired to form coherent thoughts.

  1. “Blog” is short for weblog (not we blog, but web-log!) which is short for journal which is short for diary. Thus, you can write anything you want, AND you can erase it, too. Go ahead, if you want to — I’ve got ya covered. (Seriously, don’t worry about leaving up OR taking down a post. This is supposed to be fun!)

    • There’s nothing that says you can’t edit your blog post, either. My early writing career was in print, where my words really were written in stone, but what I love, love, love about blogging is the ability to correct my mistakes–to be my own editor.

      I’ve been blogging for about seven years now and every time I read an old post I see something I want to change. Typos, clunky language, thoughts that make no sense or are just plain wrong. . .

      Bam! Bam! Bam! Gone. 🙂

      (Note: I sometimes cross-post my blog on three other sites. Two of them give me access to my posts so that I can correct them, but one of them doesn’t. I have to send any corrections to the editor, who then has to make them. I try to be v-e-r-y careful before I send those in!)

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