Pondering the question of being exiled to a deserted island.

I’ll try to give this a serious look-see, but a certain giddiness creeps into my heart and I just want to giggle maniacally.  The mere whisper of a chance of being ALONE appeals to me, even though I have a 1-year-old grandson and another grandchild due in June. I know I ‘d miss them terribly, but still… alone!  How long?  A week would be great, but two weeks would be REALLY NICE.  🙂 🙂 🙂 Do I have to register?

I’m not being driven nuts by a small army of children, nor do I have a hoard of people pulling me in opposite directions. I’m my own worst enemy. I like to be alone with my thoughts. And a book. Or Google.

Chocolate milk if it’s not low-fat. By the way, who had the dark and dreary idea to ruin chocolate milk?  bleh! If I include milk on my list, would I receive a cow, milking stool and a bucket? Or

English: Chicken piccata.

English: Chicken piccata. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would my Chicken Piccata consist of FROZEN CHICKEN BREASTS, bottle of wine, jar of capers, and bottle of lemon juice or a lemon tree?

Throw in a package of Spring Mix greens and some olive oil and red vine vinegar… I’m good to go!

Will I travel by bus, plane, boat, car, horse, or spaceship?

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