A blank slate

Remember the Magic Slate that was big in the 70’s? A piece of gray film over a special black-coated cardboard base, a thin plastic stylus, the size of a broken pencil two sizes too small to hold onto comfortably. You wrote messages, then lifted the film and your writing was gone, like magic!  The little stylus was usually lost within a day or two, and so you’d try to write using your fingernail.  You learned pretty quickly not to use a pencil or a pen.  Then they’s stop working. The magic ran out, I suppose. 

Underdog Magic Slate

Underdog Magic Slate

Those little Magic Slate toys were fun and frustrating. Not very practical. But things seldom are when you’re a kid. And now we have computers. The ultimate Magic Slate!  Bet you can’t even see the previous six posts I typed before settling for this one!



2 thoughts on “A blank slate

  1. I love your little comment about the previous 6 posts. I’m always finding myself writing and rewriting posts until I think they are *perfect* OR I give up on getting it right.

    I think today is definitely a “throwback Friday” kind of day since I am seeing lots of memories being posted on NaBloPoMo. Glad I got to read about yours. 🙂

    • Thank you for liking my post. All my other efforts focused on different topics, too. I was all over the place before I fondly recalled my Magic Slate! Trying to type a *perfect* post is admirable! … but certainly frustrating. Good luck with future posts!

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