Death and Taxes

— 1 —

I was deathly ill for 36 hours. I’m still confused about what happened, and why I’m still alive to write this 7QT post. We ate at a local franchise restaurant Wednesday evening that I will not name because despite my initial suspicion of food poisoning, ten hours later I was betting on influenza. Every bone in my body was under fire, and felt as if the bones were flaking apart inside my body as a dry desert wind would blow pain this way, then that way. I was unable to do anything more than sleep, dream, roll over, moan, and sleep, continuously for 30 hours. My husband brought me a cup of chicken broth sometime Thursday night, and I remember trying to take a few sips of water, but sleep is what ruled my world. Thursday, April 10, came and went without me. I woke Friday morning to the realization that I’d missed an important deadline… and it cost me $50. What the heck happened to me Wednesday night?  Was it food poisoning? Was it a 24-hour bug that decided to stay a few extra hours? A “viral syndrome” is what WebMD came up with after I listed my symptoms… in addition to several types of cancers and diseases. I’ll take curtain #1 for Viral Syndrome. It’s Friday night and the pain is nearly gone except for a twinge in my lower back. I wasn’t sleep deprived. I’ve gotten plenty of sleep this week. I was so sick I even prepared myself to die in bed. I prayed the “Act of Contrition” and was ready to leave my aching, pain-wracked body.  I’m still here, thank you, Jesus!  I’ll get to meet my 2nd grandson in two months, God-willing.

— 2 —

Near-death and taxes.  My husband would have been really mad at me if I’d died before getting our taxes done on Saturday.

— 3 —

Easter dinner. I’ve committed myself to having guests for Easter dinner. How much of the house REALLY needs to be clean?  Bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room.  Is it okay to keep bedroom doors closed to keep guests out?  Or is that just rude?  How much is expected of someone who knocked on death’s door a week before Easter?

— 4 —

My old XP computer was one of my favorite computers. I pulled the (Internet) plug on it today in an effort to keep it from being attacked by those nameless, faceless, evil hackers who make life hell for normal folks who just want to play a game of solitaire now and then between checking eBay and posting pictures of their food on Facebook.

— 5 —

My 19-month-old grandson’s new favorite movie (after a solid YEAR of watching “Cars” daily) is “Frozen.” At any time of the day you can say “Do you wanna build a SNOWman?” and he’ll smile and his eyes will light up with joy. It’s the darnedest thing to see! Here’s what he looks like while actually watching that scene…

— 6 —

Vice and Virtue. This was the title of one of the nightly presentations given by Fathers of Mercy missionary priest Father Wade Menezes last week at our church’s parish mission “Work Out Your Salvation.” I bring it up now because I still haven’t made a commitment on which to focus my prayer and energy. I’m sure procrastination is on the vice side, so the corresponding virtue would be… what? Punctuality?  After my mysterious illness, I’d better start getting my virtues in tip-top shape!

— 7 —

Look at the time! It’s 3:24 a.m. and I’m late for bed by anyone’s standards. I’ll need to start being punctual tomorrow. But who can blame me?  I slept for over 30 hours yesterday!

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6 thoughts on “Death and Taxes

  1. They’re roughly calling it “the flu” around here, but crazy-tough equestrian daughter who doesn’t seek a doc even after her calf muscle is rearranged thanks to Flicka coming down on it with a hoof, sent herself via husband to the hospital last week. Same issues, no doubt, and time fram — and couldn’t even keep water down. I’m glad YOU’re okay, TOO! And what an adorable grandchild you have! And heck, there’s still plenty of time to do the taxes. 😉

  2. Hi there, I’m visiting from the Conversion Diary 7 Takes. How scary what you went through with that sudden illness! Glad to know that everything turned out fine in the end (knock on wood). Have a blessed Easter and stay healthy!

    • It was certainly an experience i won’t soon forget! I’ve never gotten to sleep so fast in my entire life. Now that I’m over it, I’m back to tossing and turning for 20 minutes before falling asleep. Have a blessed Easter, too! His Resurrection is the reason I don’t worry about dying.

  3. So glad that you are feeling better – it certainly doesn’t sound like fun.

    My son was a major CARS fan too for a long time – I had to hunt all the stores for those darn cars to complete his collection. I would even go up to the store employees to ask if they had any boxes in the back I could go through to see if there were any he was missing 🙂 That was a fun phase…

  4. Heather, moms (and grandmoms) will do just about anything to make the magic happen, won’t we? It’s a lot easier to find the Cars toys now that the movie has been out since 2007 or so! I find a lot of stuff at the thrift stores! I found the Dynaco helicopter ($3) that you can put Mater in… there’s a finger-pull trigger that spins the helicopter blades and it’s so cool. It’s so nice to find durable older toys… for less… Re-using durable toys always reminds me of TOY STORY!

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