Prioritizing is not my strong suit, otherwise I’d be doing something else instead of writing a blog post as midnight approaches. My choices in no particular order:

  • sleeping
  • creating & printing Valentines for my customers who will attend my 8:30am Jazzercise class tomorrow morning (I should really be sleeping now!)
  • create a “LOVE” themed, pulse-pounding, hip-swiveling class for tomorrow which won’t involve learning any new routines
  • clean the kitchen (because I did not do the dishes after last night’s meal)
  • night-time face & teeth cleaning routine, jammies, prayers
  • start a load of laundry (I should’ve done this two days ago!)
  • scoop the cat litter
  • knit one more row (current row is at 280 stitches)
  • race 25 times on my iPad game “Cars: Fast as Lightning”
  • tidy the living room
  • drink a glass of water
  • read a chapter of ANY book on my Kindle
  • see what’s new on my Facebook wall… well, better not…
  • check my e-mail to see if any urgent messages need a response before tomorrow
  • review my bookkeeping records to be sure everything is ready for tomorrow’s appointment with our tax accountant

It’s now 12:05am, and my next move is to put a LOVE set together for class while drinking water, make Valentines, get ready for bed, and set my alarm for 7am and go to bed.

I have plenty of clean dishes in the dishwasher, the cat litter can wait one more day, and I’ll just wear capris instead of long pants in the morning even though the temperature is expected to be in the mid-thirties.  Hey, this is sunny Florida!

Good night and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is having all the pieces in place!

Love is having all the pieces in place!

2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I was going to vote for changing the cat litter, but getting advice from your readers is probably not the intent of your late nite blogs. Tom and I watched The Song of Bernadette.
    Love and happy valentines day from your mom.

  2. You’re absolutely right! I’m not asking for advice. I’d love to hear what OTHER people grapple with in deciding what to do next at any time of the day or night… 🙂

    Cat urine and feces odors are offensive, but the deodorizers in today’s cat litter are pretty good. The chore of scooping the cat litter (for me) involves several issues that someone who has never scooped cat litter cannot readily understand. For instance, “scooping” is WAY DIFFERENT than “changing” the cat litter. [When cooking, would you rather spoon off the fat OR throw away the entire contents because there’s grease in the soup?] Semantics matter when dealing with (and paying for) cat litter.

    My main issue is the condition of my BACK. Leaning over the cat litter box for more than 20 seconds incites a symphony of sharp pains with a very real danger of morphing into muscle spasms. Then there’s the little irritations of the bag opening collapsing while trying to scoop debris into the bag, the urine clumps breaking apart, or discovering there’s a HOLE in the bottom of the bag as you’re taking the cat litter debris to the outdoor garbage bin.

    Checking e-mail, knitting, or baking a cake offer no pain in the process.

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