Moonlit Night

Most people are sleeping at this time of night.

I don’t sleep much. Does that make me an “Insomniac?”  When I think about my sleep behavior, I think a better description would be “sleep aversion.”

Is there such a condition? Is treatment available?

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Villa de Madera

Grandfather and Ben in the front yard

My home (and yard) are bigger than our last one, and so I’m always busy doing something. (Which is actually kind of nice!) I don’t feel like a lazy person lacking energy to do anything. If it’s not cleaning the pool, it’s time to pull weeds or haul laundry up (or down) the spiral stairs. Or make dinner. Playing with the grandsons is always fun!

House Rule #1 has to do with hand washing, mostly for my grandsons. Before helping me cook, before meals and after meals. Hand washing is supposed to last 20 seconds, or praying The Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary. Gabriel follows this rule; pretty sure Ben speeds through the process.

House Rule #2 is NO FIGHTING in the pool. This includes not touching or holding on to someone who is not able to stand up. Horseplay is not allowed. Dog in the pool is not allowed, either, as I am the pool girl and hate cleaning dog hair out of the filter. Ew.

Riley is quite the lucky dog each day. She has room to run and squirrels to chase!

House Rule #3. The upstairs is for sleeping. The spiral stairs actually inhibit us from taking stuff up there such as toys, food, dishes, FURNITURE…. We do have a straight staircase off the master bedroom, but suffice it to say that the bedrooms are minimally furnished with beds and night tables. I did capitulate on a teak dresser for Ben’s guest room, but Gabriel’s guest room has a set of shelves for the clothes he leaves at Grammy’s house.

Villa de Madera is a work-in-progress with many projects ahead of us. David and I are enjoying this new direction in life when others our age are settling down or downsizing as they near retirement! I thank the Lord for the blessing of this opportunity. I wish my mom could’ve lived to see and enjoy the house. I think she’d have loved it! I know i do!

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