It’s been such a long time since my last post, I think WordPress thought I’d died.  First attempt to access my blog was met with a 404 page.  Joy!

My favorite thing these days is drinking a Whiskey Sour before bedtime. Wow, that sounds like I drink one every night. My doctor would be very disappointed if it were true, which it’s not.  Really! Once a week is my goal.

A few months ago, some good friends learned that I like Whiskey Sour cocktails, and they happened to mention the name of a very fine whiskey.  Woodford Reserve – Double Oaked.  So I asked my DH for a bottle for Christmas.

What a joker he turned out to be.  Christmas morning I’m so excited to see what looks like a wrapped whiskey bottle under the tree, I get a gooey feeling in my heart for his thoughtfulness.  Can I describe the disappointment I felt when I opened my gift only to discover that the “bottle” turned out to be a single container of Amzoil?  No, I cannot. Deal with it. I did. His excuse: “It’s top of the line! You need an oil change. I’ll do it for you!”

A month later, my DH told me that Woodford Reserve – Double Oaked was ON SALE for only $44 a bottle at the local Walgreen’s Liquor store… he’d get me one.  Did I wait for him to make good on this promise? No, I did not.

I brought that bottle home in the early afternoon and looked around my kitchen, then very carefully placed it on the shelf in front of my wine glasses.  Yeah, no, I don’t have a liquor cabinet. I left the room and okay, I went to take a nap. I was tired.

Woke up later that day and wandered into the kitchen to find my bottle of Woodford Reserve sitting on the kitchen table.  What the … ! I glanced up to the shelf and to my amazement, the bottle I’d put there earlier WAS STILL THERE.  Holy moly, it multiplied!

My husband couldn’t believe I’d bought my own bottle, but could I really trust him to get it right?  Of course not. Did I return it? OF COURSE NOT.

After googling a Whiskey Sour recipe, I found it’s quite simple to make. My first cocktail was a bit disappointing, I must admit.  I followed the recipe and poured 2 OUNCES of that fine whiskey into my drink.  I’m not much of a drinker… that was way too strong for me.  So here’s my favorite no-fail way I mix a Whiskey Sour:

  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Equal amount of sugar syrup (1 part sugar/1 part water, boiled & refrigerated)
  • 1 ounce Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whiskey
  • Ice

Basically, it’s lemonade with whiskey. DELICIOUS!

When family asks what they can bring for dinner, I tell them, “Lemons.” Enough said.


Establishing a bedtime. A novel idea.

I’m 56 years old. Sleeping doesn’t come easy to me. On a slim chance that my nocturnal habits are fixable, I’ve decided to establish a bedtime of 12 midnight. Which means that I have eighteen minutes left to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Upload my NaBloPoMo post
  • Shower
  • Upload and pay my monthly Jazzercise franchise fee for October
  • Brush my teeth

I could probably get it all done if I make every effort to avoid looking at anything else on the computer. Which means that I don’t have time to check:

  • any of my five e-mail accounts, forget replying to any messages
  • other blogs — there’s at least five I like to read daily
  • any of the four Facebook pages I manage for interesting articles to read
  • check the two Twitter accounts for interesting articles or events
  • the website I update for my church
  • or the Yahoo News! page where I catch most of my low-cal news

Not one of the things I should be doing is on the above list, but these are things I obviously don’t deem important to do before bedtime:

  • turn on the dishwasher
  • de-clutter my kitchen table
  • learn a new Jazzercise routine
  • answer mail or pay any bills
  • sweep the kitchen floor
  • empty any trash cans

How the heck do people get to bed at “decent hours” these days with Internet connections?  I’ve thought about asking my hubby to put a timer on our living room electrical circuit.  I’d go to bed if the power went out, but I don’t dare suggest it… he might actually do it!

Wow.  It’s now 11:59 p.m. Perhaps I’ll pretend I’m in the next time zone for an hour. There goes another deadline zooming by at the speed of light. This may be another night ending at 3:00 a.m., but I hope not. I hate to fail on my 2nd attempt.



7 Quick Takes – Lazy Daze

— 1 —

One year old and flying high!

One year old and flying high!

Saturday at Fort Christmas Historical Park was the location of the photo session celebrating my grandson’s first birthday. It was a lovely day with kids running around and parents watching from a shady spot. The professional photo shoot was scheduled between G-man’s morning and afternoon naps because my daughter and son-in-law think of these things (and she probably saw the tip on a blog or on Pinterest). Kelly Verdek was the perfect photographer–he was patient and wanted to be sure he got all the shots the parents wanted. His camera was constantly clicking away and he made some great suggestions, too. The photos are fabulous. If you live in the Orlando area, you might want to schedule a photo session! My daughter especially loves a photo of me and her son. I love all of them because he’s wonderful! How does a Grammy choose a favorite photo out of nearly 100 photos?

Grammy love is "in your face" as often as possible.

Grammy love is “in your face” as often as possible.

— 2 —

This is the last weekend of the Art and Algorithms Digital Art Festival here in Titusville, Florida. Of Thursday evenings’ foreign short films, my favorite was the 5-minute film from Columbia titled “Czech Please” and my least favorite was a Canadian film titled “A Pretty Funny Story.” I’m planning to see the classic movie, “Singin’ in the Rain” starring Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor at midnight on Friday, and Saturday’s midnight film is “The Big Lebowski” which I’ve never seen.

Singin' in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain

— 3 —

Something I never see any more are folks washing their cars in their driveways on the weekends. I haven’t washed my car in nearly 9 months… and it shows dreadfully. Especially the wheels. The brake dust and road grime is disgusting. Do people still wash their own cars, or do they go to automatic car washes? I’m too embarrassed to post a photo of my dirty car. Sad, huh?

— 4 —

For a baby who was born with Acid Reflux and spent the majority of his first six months crying, this baby is one of the happiest babies you’ll ever hear. When you stop to think about it, so much of life is funny when you have nothing to compare it to. Take any word, such as “Whoo!” and repeat it over and over to a baby. Perhaps it’s the way it rolls off your tongue, or the shape of your lips as you make the sound, or the expression on your face. Who knows? A baby’s laugh is balm to the spirit. Want to feel a bit better than you do right now? Click to play!

— 5 —

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

I’m praying a novena in preparation for Pope Francis’ consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this Sunday. Today is Day 8. A great resource to remind you to pray AND they deliver the prayers to your Inbox is Pray More Novenas. If you’re able to donate money to help, this site has experienced an explosive growth this week, and it continues to grow exponentially as more people sign up. Here’s the link to become a “special member.”

— 6 —

Okay, I live in Florida, so I should be used to bugs. I’m not. The other night I came home after a nice Girls Night Out. Got out of my car in the driveway. Walked through a dark garage. I thought I felt something on the back of my neck but didn’t think much of it… I was carrying my purse and a tote bag, my shirt had a wide loose neckline and drooped either right or left all day. I walked into the kitchen and as usual, dumped my bags on the nearest kitchen chair. As I straightened my arm, I saw it. A cockroach on my sleeve. “EEEEEK!” I screamed and violently shook my arm. Yeah, I did the bug dance, too. I thought the bug flew off, so I looked everywhere around me. No bug. My cat looked at me like I was crazy. It dawned on me the bug might still be on me, that’s when I felt it on the back of my neck, near my hair. This time it wasn’t an “EEEEEK!” but an “AUGH! GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!” at twice the volume followed by some screaming for my husband to come quick! This time I managed to smack the bug off me and watched it run and hide under the antique mahogany cabinet my great-great-great grandfather built centuries ago. My hubby made it into the kitchen just as the bug disappeared. Nothing to be done except pat me on the back and ask if he needs to move the cabinet (we both know he doesn’t mean it… that cabinet isn’t going anywhere… it weighs a ton). “I’ve got some bug spray… I’ll get it,” I tell him bravely. He goes back to his WoW game, and I pull out the empty can of Raid from under the kitchen sink. I’m one of those gals who won’t throw away the empty bug spray can until I have a replacement, you know what I mean? Fumes are better than nothing. There were just enough fumes left to fill the space under the cabinet. I know this because 15 minutes later the cat is sitting near her water dish with a strange posture… kinda quizzical. A dead roach is floating in her water bowl. Ew. I didn’t like picking up that bowl, and I gotta say, if that bug had moved one iota, that bowl would’ve been airborne and I’d be screaming again. It went down in the first flush and the cat’s water bowl got thrown in the sink for sanitizing. Ant and Roach Killer — one of the good things in my life!

— 7 —

Sleep. Still one of those elusive “good things in life” that I wish I could enjoy more often. Perhaps if I went to bed instead of checking my computer it would be easier to nod off. Last night was a record ten hours of sleep. I’ve never been able to sleep that well 2 nights in a row. My sleep clock has a few springs loose, I guess. I did use the special baby lotion last night, and it worked like a charm!
baby bedtime lotion

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Slumber — Part 2

Last night’s bath turned into a hot shower.  The Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion felt good and the fragrance wasn’t too strong. I was surprised that I didn’t react with an immediate hot flash when my skin was covered.  I climbed into bed, got comfy, and after sniffing my moisturized arms was asleep within two minutes.  I don’t remember finishing my prayers.  (Sorry, God!)  It’s a good thing that the Holy Spirit knows what’s in my heart. I feel confident my prayers were delivered and answered. 

And no, I am not being paid to recommend this lotion.  Perhaps I would’ve fallen asleep within two minutes without it.  I’ll try it again tonight.  Image