Let Sleeping Babies Lay

Asleep at last!

Asleep at last!

My grandson wouldn’t take his morning nap, causing my daughter hours of grief and desolation which resulted in one of those phone calls to mom… “can you come help me?” Not able to drop everything at that moment, I was able to arrive as they were finishing lunch, just in time to get him to sleep for his afternoon nap. I like to think I have a ‘magic touch’ — truth be told I think I just have more patience and less tension. It was ridiculously simple, but of course he’d missed his morning nap so he was pretty tired.

After washing his hands and face after lunch, changing his diaper and his clothes, (did I mention this is AFTER lunch?) we settled down in the rocker I’d used when his mommy was my baby 34 years ago. He gave the bottle a good go–but only managed to drink 3 ounces before the Mr. Sandman conked him on the head and knocked him out. Cold. I was able to put him in his crib, on his side, and he never even stirred or registered the faintest of complaints. Huh. My job was done entirely too soon. What a disappointment!

Back in the dining room, his mommy and I spent time planning his upcoming First Birthday Party. She casually mentioned that he’d been asleep 30 minutes and he’d be up soon. I pooh-poohed that idea… the boy was zonked out! Not five seconds later, I kid you not, the babe was crying. I don’t like to hear him wake up crying, so I rushed in and gently scooped him in my arms and carried him out of the room. Thinking I’d give him the rest of his bottle, I cradled him in my arms and brought the nipple to his lips, but Shazam! just like that he was asleep again. He’d had a nightmare and now he was safely asleep. So I plopped down into a recliner (bad idea) thinking I’d hold him for a few minutes until he woke again.

Meanwhile, my daughter lay down on the sofa across the room and watched me watching the baby sleep. After being bemused for 10 minutes, she too, fell asleep. She was exhausted. I watched her sleep, even took a photo (which I’ll never get permission to post), but mainly my attention was on the babe in my arms, gently covered by the baby blanket I’d knitted for him before he was born. After 35 minutes my left leg that I’d sat on when I “plopped” into the chair went fully to sleep, then numb. My left arm cradling his little head went totally numb after an hour.

While he slept, I goofily just sat and watched his little face and took note of all the little muscle contractions in legs, hands, feet, and did my best to NOT MOVE. I asked myself repeatedly… “how long will I sit this way?” and discovered I would sit that way for at least 90 minutes. That’s when he finally woke up with little whimpers and an eventual smile and open-mouthed kiss for Grammy. Totally worth it!

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