7 Quick Takes – Shutdown

— 1 —

A household shutdown is imminent.

I’m not able to focus to get any tasks complete. I need a break from this mess that I mostly created by myself. I am a slob!

— 2 —

What would my family’s reaction be to a shutdown?

Hello? Anyone home?  Oh. He’s in his “man-cave” doing serious stuff on his computer–“World of Warcraft”  No reaction. Hmm.

— 3 —

WHICH services would be denied during the shutdown?

Cooking. Dishes. Laundry. Shopping. Vacuuming. Cleaning the toilet. Yard work. Making the bed. Washing windows. Scooping the kitty litter. Washing the car. Non-essential crap.

— 4 —

How long will the shutdown last?

Aim for Christmas.  More crap will be received then, and will need to have a space all its’ own.

— 5 —

Who will resume services when the shutdown ends?

Crap.  Me.  After 2 seconds of serious thought, a shutdown is not  sounding like a good plan.

— 6 —

Is mooching at Mom’s house allowable during the shutdown?

Of course. Mom loves me no matter what. More than that though. She wouldn’t want my hubby to be scarred by this experience. He will  eat like a king!

— 7 —

What lesson will I learn from a shutdown experience?

A shutdown is like a tree falling in the forest.  No one hears it; no one cares. The tree rots. Bugs are happy.

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