Establishing a bedtime. A novel idea.

I’m 56 years old. Sleeping doesn’t come easy to me. On a slim chance that my nocturnal habits are fixable, I’ve decided to establish a bedtime of 12 midnight. Which means that I have eighteen minutes left to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Upload my NaBloPoMo post
  • Shower
  • Upload and pay my monthly Jazzercise franchise fee for October
  • Brush my teeth

I could probably get it all done if I make every effort to avoid looking at anything else on the computer. Which means that I don’t have time to check:

  • any of my five e-mail accounts, forget replying to any messages
  • other blogs — there’s at least five I like to read daily
  • any of the four Facebook pages I manage for interesting articles to read
  • check the two Twitter accounts for interesting articles or events
  • the website I update for my church
  • or the Yahoo News! page where I catch most of my low-cal news

Not one of the things I should be doing is on the above list, but these are things I obviously don’t deem important to do before bedtime:

  • turn on the dishwasher
  • de-clutter my kitchen table
  • learn a new Jazzercise routine
  • answer mail or pay any bills
  • sweep the kitchen floor
  • empty any trash cans

How the heck do people get to bed at “decent hours” these days with Internet connections?  I’ve thought about asking my hubby to put a timer on our living room electrical circuit.  I’d go to bed if the power went out, but I don’t dare suggest it… he might actually do it!

Wow.  It’s now 11:59 p.m. Perhaps I’ll pretend I’m in the next time zone for an hour. There goes another deadline zooming by at the speed of light. This may be another night ending at 3:00 a.m., but I hope not. I hate to fail on my 2nd attempt.



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